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Home is the hunter

So, I'm home now. Outta work for the next two weeks, and beginning negotiations with this semesters teachers regarding the final classwork. The monkey is overjoyed to have me back; the cat, somewhat less so.

Good to be home.

Am massively irritated by my body's failure to just shut up and do what I tell it. Am aware that this is probably not the healthiest of attitudes, and may in fact have contributed to my current health status.

Beloved wife has suggested that I've been a much angrier person in the last few years, especially since working at IMEC. This may be the case. I've always tended towards a degree of surliness, and working at IMEC just triggered a lot of anger in me. Not entirely sure why. Doing the no-job thing for a year and a half afterward probably didn't help. I've always kinda defined myself as the guy who just fucking does the job. I've been working since I was sixteen, and that long stretch of joblessness may have affected my mood more than I realized.

So, all of this stress bullshit probably hasn't been real good for me, health-wise. Not entirely sure how to pry myself outta this headspace, though.

Need to start meditating again, for one. Getting back into tai chi would probably help, too, until I can start doing yoga again.



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Dec. 11th, 2011 02:09 pm (UTC)
I can understand a lot of that. It's difficult not to be angry sometimes, especially as we get older and there's so much to be angry about.

How do you feel? (Other than angry.)

I'm glad you're home.
Dec. 11th, 2011 02:35 pm (UTC)

I feel ok. A bit paranoid about every twinge in the chest or back; kinda tired. Oddly out of focus for some reason. Like I just almost tripped, caught myself, but still feel like I'm falling.

Appropriate, I suppose.
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