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Mellow Greets, més amis!

Hey folkxxen. Yeah, it's been a time and a time since I was here at the old EllJay, hasn't it? How y'all doing?

I've been kind of puttering around, mostly. Finished up a long-term runic meditation project about a month ago, and have been kind of desultorily working my way up to a month-long Djehwty invocation project, prompted by the lovely and talented Andrieh Vitimus and his 30 Day Challenge. Unfortunately, the runic work seems to have been a major factor in sparking my artistic output, and since I ended that, I seem to have stalled out on the arting end. Hmh.

In other news, been trying to work on the whole "increasing general fitness" thing ever since the heart attack. Been back and forth on the exercise thing, trying to get back into a regular practice. Currently trying to drag myself out of a slump. Been doing fairly well on the weight-loss end; down to 184 from my max of 215 at the time of ticker-crash. That's mostly down to calorie control.

Got myself an iPad Mini a few months ago, been filling it with books ever since. Mostly replicating my existing physical library. Not doing so much with the apps and all that. Mostly just using it as a shinier e-reader.

Been noticing with some distress that some folks whose opinions I generally respect as practitioners, theorists, and priests seem to be on a crusade to cleanse the polytheist/pagan realm of all who are less than absolutely devoted to one very specific view of the nature of polytheist practice. As a Wilsonian reality agnostic, I can't help feeling that I'm one of those unfortunates that they're trying to define out of a stream that I've been a part of for decades. Folks, there are substantial parts of the culture-at-large that are still convinced that we're all baby-eating devil-worshipping eschaton-immanentizing dope-smoking fiends from the wrong side of the tracks. (And they're right about some of us. But let's not talk about that in public.) Y'all might want to step back from your doctrinal purity witch-hunt a bit and take a look around. This is not the time for this kind of petty self-rightiousness. Really, it's NEVER the time for this kind of petty self-rightiousness. What the fuck, folks?

So, yeah. That's me for right now. Good to be back.


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Jun. 10th, 2013 12:32 pm (UTC)
You mean you're NOT;>!?!
Modern Paganism is just going through what all religion's go through...ORGANIZATION. The 1st principle of which is usually self-definition, "Who/What ARE We and Who/What are we NOT". The general consensus of Wicca in the early 80's was to accept a loose definition...leading to the creation of Modern Paganism and the marginalization of Traditional Wicca. Various Trads of MP have been around long enough that they Feel like their Wiccan parents did...Irony to the MAX for someone like me who was on the "Wicca without Lineage ISN'T" side back in the day;>....
Pat(Feeling his Age more-n-more every day)
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